Comfort Crafters has
the perfect mattress for you.

Offering a variety of mattress types and firmness levels, Comfort Crafters can help you get the best night’s sleep possible.

Crafted with Care

With Comfort Crafters, you’ll be sure to find all the traditional sizes and levels of comfort you’ve grown accustomed to with national companies. But because we are a smaller local mattress producer, we can also offer custom mattress sizes for recreational vehicles and even hard-to-find antique bedding sizes.


No other brand offers the peace of mind that we do.

In addition to quality and competitive pricing, Comfort Crafters offers one thing other mattress companies don’t—the peace of mind that comes with making a difference.


Operated by the Lions Club’s Volunteer Blind Industries, Comfort Crafters provides the blind and visually impaired throughout our region with independence through employment. Each mattress is carefully handcrafted with pride by blind or visually impaired mattress technicians who embrace quality as their foremost objective.



Unmatched Quality,

Durability and Comfort

At Comfort Crafters, we independently double-test every mattress style we create, and we won’t sell any product unless it passes both tests with flying colors. We have decades of experience with meeting rigid government specifications for complicated textile manufacturing—so you can trust us when we say we know quality.


Many of our mattresses are made to be used on both sides, so they last much longer than similar one-sided mattresses produced by our competitors.


For a mattress that is durable, comfortable and helps the blind and visually impaired, consider Comfort Crafters. Visit a Comfort Crafters dealer and let a sales associate help you with your sleeping needs.

Feel the quality and
rest well tonight!